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ahead at 6 clrks ask disturbing discovery in northern virginia an elderly man found dead in his home. what police are saying about the crime. >> he was an inspiration to so many during the summer olympics. this morning, are the double am due tea track star is behind bars charged with murder in the shooting death of his model girlfriend? was it a valentine's day surprise gone wrong? fox 5 morning news continues right now.
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good morning. straight up 6:00 on this thursday, february 14th. happy valentine's day. it is a chilly start to your valentine's day. we'll see how it will shake out though for you. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. time now to check in with tucker barnes in just a second but we've got some information to pass along to you. some of you got a little bit of snow last night and that is causing a few school delays. frederick county, maryland and carroll county schools are both delayed two hours today. so get you some extra sleep. or eat an extra breakfast sandwich. >> a little scraping out there. northwest washington, i was doing a little of this on the within shield. the rain transition to snow for parts of the area last night and not big-time accumulations. parts of the area got up an inch. with temperatures below 32 here, we might have a few issues temporarily, next hour or two. >> enough to cause some delays. >> possible icy spots. >> let's get to the numbers and we'll start with current temperatures. reagan national now, 37 degrees.
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a little warmer here in the city. dulles is 34 and bwi marshall, 31. so let me just mention again, parts of the area, temperatures dipped below the freeing mark and anything that fell last night be it rain and/or snow, we had a chance to kind of freeze up last night. we have to be prepared for the possibility of a couple of slippery spots. there is your satellite-radar. nice and quiet. clearing out overnight. should be a beautiful sunrise. should be a beautiful valentine's day for you. we are expecting high temperatures in the upper 40s to about 50 with lots of sunshine. so enjoy your afternoon. here are your forecast highs. 50 here in washington. 49 in quantico. mid- to upper 40s north appear west. gaithersburg, 46 for your daytime high and quiet conditions today. >> okay. lovely for this valentine's day. >> unfortunate will you, we've got some troubles on the roads this morning. accidents keep popping up on us on the outer loop of the beltway. let astart off just north of 50, the john hanson highway
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before you reach 450. accident activity on the right side of the road. callers are saying icy conditions out there so allow extra time on the roads. we'll show you the southbound stretch of 270. crash approaching 124 was in the right lane. look like they cleared it. outer loop of the beltway, the crash is before connecticut avenue. the left lane, that backup slowing from georgia avenue and now from the west on 66. wet pavement, delays from manassas headed eastbound towards centreville. traffic flows again from fair oak to 123. k to 123. we begin with breaking news this morning. the olympic sprinter known as blade runner is under arrest and charged with murder this morning after a woman believed to be his girlfriend was shot and killed in his home in south africa. she has been identified as 29- year-old model riva steincamp.
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several reports suggest oscar pistorius may have mistaken her for a burglar. just hours before, she tweeted how excite she was for value. -- excited she was for valentine's day. an elderly man is found dead inside his northern virginia home. >> police are searching for some answers. melanie alnwick is live in alexandria with the very latest on this story. good morning. homicides in this area are quite rare. the city of alexandria, so the news that there may be a suspicious death here possibly a homicide investigation is certainly unsettling to neighbors. you can see the house is still blocked off with crime tape right now. there is a police car stationed out front and the investigation into exactly what happened here continues. now, it was shortly before 7:00 last night when an adult resident came home and found the 94-year-old man dead alone in the house. police say he had upper body
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trauma but they didn't elaborate on exactly what that means. sources tell fox 5 that investigators believe there was a burglary or robbery here and that the person who found the man dead was an adult son or stepson. police don't have any information at this point about a possible suspect. they're still right now calling to a death investigation. we can tell you that the local news site del ray patch is saying that one of men who lives in this house complained to the city council last year about persistent crimes that were happening in the neighborhood and going back -- i just went back and checked alexandria city crime reports and it does appear that at least three times in 2010, 2011 and 2012 there were burglaries reported in the 2700 block of holly street which is right where we are here. we'll have to certainly ask alexandria police about whether there is any connection to that later on. but for now, police are just saying that this is a death
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investigation. they won't go any further than that at this point. >> all right. thank you. and an alexandria sheriff's deputy is on routine administrative leave this morning after police say he shot and killed an intruder inside his home. prince george's county police say the deputy returned home on rose marie drive tice night. he found damage to his front door and an intruder inside. he shot the suspect use august personal handgun. the intruder ran outside and collapsed on the front lawn where he died. president barack obama is heading to a pre-kindergarten class in georgia today and will speak at a community center outside of atlanta on expanding preschool education programs. the president wants to build public support for the initiative. the white house is warning congress that education programs will suffer if lawmakers fail to stop $58 billion in automatic budget cuts at the end of month. president obama's pick to be the next secretary. defense is run into some roadblocks. senate majority leader harry reid filed a motion to end a republican filibuster of chuck
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hagel's nomination. it sets the statement for a full senate vote on hagel's nomination tomorrow which needs 60 votes in order to pass. and the senate intelligence committee is delaying a vote to confirm john brennan to head the central intelligence agency. chairwoman dianne feinstein postponed the vote saying she wants more details on the white house drone program and the tax on the u.s. consulate in libya. still ahead, a campaign fundraiser turned uglyout side facebook founder mark zuckerberg's california home. we'll tell you why. some welcome news no those stranded cruise ship passengers. we'll tell you all about it when we come back. 
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later today, the nightmare for thousands strappedded on -- stranded on a cruise ship will finally be over. the ship is expected to dock in
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moab beal, alabama today. it is offering passengers an additional $500 in compensation because of all this. a crowe gathered outside mark zuckerberg's home last night as he hosted a fund raiser event for new jersey governor chris christie. this seemingly odd couple first met in 2010 when zuckerberg donate $100 million to newark public schools. zuckerberg is not registered with any political party. special recognition for those far from the combat zone. the pentagon is creating a new medal that can be awarded to troops who have a direct impact on combat operations but launching drone strikes or cyberattacks to take out an enemy. the new distinguished warfare medal is the first combat related award to be created since the bronze star in 1944. coming up, a big change coming to the district's taxicab fleet that raises some concerns. we'll tell you all about it when we come back. my mom doesn't drink starbucks coffee
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back now on fox 5 morning news. we are sharing more of the value type's messages you posted on our facebook fan page. delan attempt just posted this to jessica. >> here we go. >> a kiss is just a kiss until you find one you love, a hug is just a hug until you find the one you are always thinking of. a dream is just a dream until it comes true. loch was just a word until i heard it from you. >> that is sweet. >> that is sweet. >> i need some barry white for the next one i do. >> we got to dim the lights. >> dim the lights. put a little barry white on. >> down if your deepest voice. >> show it down a little bit. >> have you two ever written a love letter? >> i have back in the day. >> yeah? >> i used to write them all the
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time. >> way back. >> i want it see proof. >> no, mine were bad. >> mine were terrible too. >> this is a trade secret but i would take parts of different songs and mix them all up. not like the common songs. i would pick like the third or four song that hadn't been reclosed yet and listen to it. >> back the day, we used to put together tape for our significant others. >> mix tapes? >> yeah. >> i want to get my hands on a tucker barnes mix tape. >> it was a classic, man. >> yours is like metallica on there. >> yours is like here is how i show my love. >> i only have a minute left to do your weather. more on that coming up. you definitely don't want to have any of those letters resurface. germantown, maryland, one inch of snow. parts of the area picking autopsy coating, half inch to an in. a little more than an inch any few spots. enough to cause some slippery
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spots out there on the roads. if you are below 32, just be aware that there could be some icy spots. germantown, inch. ashburn, half inch. marshall, 1.2 inches. let me mention again that at reagan national, officially a trace. not a whole lot here in the city. we did have some big beautiful snow lakes last night about 8:00. it was gorgeous. 37 in washington. 35 this morning in annapolis. leonardtown, you are 32 degrees. notice here to the south and west, temperatures have fallen below freezing and we're right at freezing north and west as well. again, areas that received rain and/or snow last night, definitely the possibility that you could be dealing with a little bit of slipperiness out there. should be a nice beautiful day. highs later today, upper 40s to about 50. that will be nice. again, a lot of sunshine. we will have a bit of a breeze here early with winds out of the north appear west at about five to 10. a quiet day today. quiet evening. most of tomorrow looks good as well as we're in a nice, quiet
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pattern here for a couple of days. other today. sunshine, wind north and west at about five to 10 miles per hour. clear and cool tonight. overnight lows, 38. lower 30s north and west of the city. here is your ask eye weather seven-day forecast. tomorrow night, with a cold front, we could do a period of rain and/or snow showers. that would be late. and setting ourselves up for a cool weekend here with highs. check it out sunday. lone 35. those of you lucky enough to have monday off. high temperatures pack in the 40s here, upper 40s with sunshine for president's day. that is weather. let's do traffic and find out what is happening with my work valentine, julie wright. >> this is a good one. ♪ love has found a way &&. >> oh, come on, there you go, wisdom. wisdom. i knew wisdom would know that one. southbound along 270, the
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accident we had here at 124 is goneen lanes are open. delays however with from you 118 headed south. we do have troubles outer loop of the beltway before connecticut avenue. crash on the hulledder tying up again from university boulevard head westbound around 495. let's continue with our maps. we'll show what you else is happening out here on the highways. we have major tie-ups due to icy conditions. northbound i-97 remains closed. it has been shut down for about a half hour. no one getting bit scene on the northbound side of i-97. icy conditions. we just mentioned that. as a result here in bethesda, 355 blocked off right now between grosvenor due to icy conditions. five-car pile-up now reported inbound on the memorial bridge. heads up off of 50 trying to head into d.c. 66 at the tr bridge, you are still moving at peed. no incidents to report. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. all the cabs in the districts could soon be painted
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red actually special panel recommended the color which is already use by the city's circulator buses and bike sharing service. macing the cabs uniform would help people know which cabs operate in the district. mayor gray says he is concerned that all red cabs could look too much like emergency vehicles. monitoring metro for you, during its weekly meeting the transit agency is expected to vote on a proposal to try to luring the fbi to prince george's county. the "washington post" reports metro wants to use 78 acres at its greenbelt station as the bureau's new headquarters. fbi is looking for i new location for its 11,000 employees because their current one in northwest d.c. is in need of some major renovations. coming up income, we'll go live to fox business network in new york for details about what is about to become the world's largest airline. >> first, the miss america pageant is headed back to atlantic city. it was a staple there for decades before it moved to las
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vegas back for 2006. a formal announcement will happen today on atlantic city's boardwalk hall. we'll be right back.   this is dylan right here, this is dylan, and this is his big brother hayden. dylan's only five, but he's already been through two surgeries for brain tumors. and he just went through his second round of chemo. and this is their mother, dawn, who runs this loving and happy home. she too struggled with tumors. but that doesn't slow her down. her love of family comes first. their dad, phil, works two jobs, repairing copiers, and on weekends delivering newspapers.
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. we are talking about the big news from the airline industry and we'll go visit lauren simonetti with fox business network live in new york with the business beat. good morning to you. happy valentine's day to you as we talk about the merger between american and u.s. airways. >> i like it call day new couple alert on valentine's day. bankrupt parent of american airlines, the bothered of those companies agreeing to merge with u.s. airways. so men and u.s. airways could be the biggest carrier not just in the u.s. but in the entire world. valued at nearly $11 billion. so the boards have approved this. we are expecting an announcement later today but the deal is far from done. they still need a lot of regulators to approve this deal. what it does, and as you can see by this chart we'll show
6:25 am
you, that is it brings the number carriers here in the u.s. down to four. we've seen so much merger activity since 2008 starting with delta and northwest that really, all of these airlines coal 80% of traffic so there is not that many options left for passengers. you got to imagine that fares are going to go up just a little bit. you shouldn't be too alarmed by. this a recent survey from price waterhouse cooper shows that over the years 2004 to 2011, air fare actually went down. >> since we are on the topic of merger and it is valentine's day, let it is a talk about merging at work. apparently, this is becoming more common. >> your next husband or wife might be sitting right next to you. a career builder survey shows that four out of 10 people have dateed a coworker at least once during their career and out of those, 31% said they got
6:26 am
married that. office romance led them straight spot altar. >> that could be a little tricky. if you bake up and you got to work together, could be some issues there. >> especially in close operation desert fox i. it is one thing working at the same company. it is another thing working on the same show, in the same cubicle. >> in the same building. if you are even close by. one last thing, what about this thing that says cash -- a lot of women like cash better than the other gifts. >> yes, they are out way anew survey showing that cash is a girl's best friend, not diamonds or jewelry, not vacations, not accessories, not canada is metics and not technology. but this is just for american women. survey was a global surray. turns outs we like cold hard cash. i agree. my husband is out of town and he was trying to figure out my whereabouts today to send me flowers and he was asking too many questions. so i finally said listen, don't accepted me flowers.
6:27 am
it's fine. >> did you tell him to send you some cash. forget the flowers. flowers die. you can leave some cash on the counter when you get home. >> cool. happy valentine's day. i hope you are doing something impressive for that special someone. >> i'm agoing to get some cash as soon as i leave. >> hit up the atm. >> all right. have a good one. still ahead, some newmovies hit the big screen on this valentine's day. movie reviewer kevin mccarthy is here with his recommendations.  [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. & happy valentine's day &&. >> there we go. you know it isn't just for lovers. it is also for parents and children as well. i would like to wish my one true valentine of past 19 years
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the happiest day ever. mom, you have always been there for me no matter my mood and i would love to thank you for everything. happy valentine's day. >> that is so sweet. >> i love that. a 19-year-old doing that. i love that. >> man, that is cool. >> it is for effect. it could be your best friend, significant other, whatever. >> we love them. >> everybody get some love on the day. >> let's get some weather. we'll get weather love today. nice looking forecast. i do want to mention again julie has been talking about it and we are developing slippery spots out there early this morning so just be ready for it. it will take a couple of hours here until things warp up for parts of the area. right now at reagan national, we're 37. much of the area is below and snow we got last night is getting a chance to ice up out there on some of the roadways. temperatures again, dulles, 34. we should see highs upper 40s to about 50. much quieter forecast today than yesterday.
6:32 am
lots of sunshine. we are generally clear right now and it should be a beautiful sunrise shortly as we get into the afternoon, thins will warm up a few degrees above normal and we are in for a sweet looking forecast later this afternoon. >> have you had that on there all morning? >> yes, i have. upper 40s by 5:00 p.m. do spg sweet for your valentine. >> what are you going to do? gentleman i'm going to go home and take a nap. -- do something sweet for your valentine. >> i got to step it up. >> didn't you listen to lauren simonetti say go to the atm and get some cash. >> i've already been. >> you're trying to decide whether it will be the cash or maybe something else. >> it will have to be something good. >> let's check in with julie wright. >> busy ride out here as we wake up to icy conditions this
6:33 am
morning. delays are still with you out of the germantown leaving father hurley boulevard head out towards 124. traffic slows again through rockville headed out to the lane divide. a lot of the grassy areas still covered with the snow. enough of it did land on the pavement so we do have icy conditions on the roads. eastbound 66, the stalled vehicle was after the rest area in the right lane. that is cleared. delays continuing inbound towards centreville. traffic slows again 50 to 123. slow traffic traveling on the beltway leaving 59 to georgia avenue. we'll show you what else is happening out here on the highway. for those traveling northbound on the i-97, we have the accident closing the noun lane. southbound, it looks like the lanes are open. we've had the slow traffic on the outer loop from 59 to georgia. 355, the rockville pike, now closed off southbound between grosvenor and the beltway due to icy conditions. crews are out there treating
6:34 am
the roadway as we speak. travel is inbound across the memorial bridge, that is where we had reports of the five high pressure car pile-up. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. a check of this morning's other top stories now. olympic athlete and double amputee oscar pistorius has been charged with murder after his girl friend was shot and killed at his home in south africa. media reports there suggest the woman, 29-year-old model riva steencamp may have been trying to surprise pistorius for valentine's day and thought she was an intruder. police are investigate wag they are calling a suspicious death. the victim, a 94-year-old monday found dead insidside his holly street home in the del ray neighborhood. the news leaves the tight knit community shocked while police try to determine a motive and
6:35 am
suspect utah pair medicine -- and suspect. the paramedic as arrived on the scene and pronounced him dead. we are still investigating but we feel it appears to be somewhat suspicious. in maryland, a individual i'll will be held tonight for 17-year-old geraldine mc entire. she was killed inside her capital heights home on saturday. the vigil will be held in front of her home on chapel oaks drive beginning at #:00 p.m. in virginia today, the winner of the $217 million powerball will be announced. a virginia couple bought the tick net richmond. lottery officials say they will give them a ceremonial check this afternoon. it is the second biggest jackpot ever won in the commonwealth. time now for the morning line and the wizards ar now officially on a break until next tuesday while most teams
6:36 am
look forward to the all-star intermission. this time of year, the woitdz are just getting started, finally winning some games. that was not the case last night on the road against detroit. the pistons went on a late run in the fourth. -- the wizards are just getting started. the final in this one, 96-85. the high score for the wizards, okefur with 21 points. next up a date with toronto at the verizon center tuesday. to the ice now, the caps are spending valentine's day in tampa bay taking on the lightning tonight. washington is riding a modest two-game winning streak after sweeping the florida pan scherrs this week. the caps scored 11 goals in two games winning tuesday night's game in overtime after trailing by two in the third. the coach was proud of his team for not giving up. >> we saw it would be one of those kind of nights where goals are going in and just to
6:37 am
stay with the program and fight through the mistakes and they did it. and good for them. obviously,ments a good win us for. i hope theyened that we can get plenty of goals. we have to take care of our end. we have the skill level to get goals. we have to take care of our end and that is the most important thing. >> finally, spring training is heating up in viera, florida. it is day two for the pitchs are and catchers who ill be joined by the rest squad on saturday. the team's first spring training game is set for the 23rd of this month against the mets. still head, bruce willis is back hitting the big screen. we'll take i closer look at that movie and and a couple of others opening on this valentine's day. 
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welcome back. because of valentine's day, major movies are coming out today instead of friday. we have a look at they of them
6:41 am
right now. joining us a day early because of these coming out is movie reviewer kevin mccarthy. >> happy valentine's day. >> what would make valentine's day better than a die hard movie. i'm so excited about. this the first one was a christmas film. now, i'm he like really excited about this. >> the next one will be serious or something. >> i can't wait to see him doing that at easter a good day to die hard. what are your thoughts? >> it is the if fifth film in the series. this is the 25th anniversary of the first film. i loved that film so much. the last film was rated pg-13 which mean you couldn't say the famous line so they had to cover up the bad word by a gunshot in that one. now, wear in appear a-rated version so the line can be said but this time it feels like he doesn't even want to say it. the action in this film is incredible. that is the selling point here. this time we are dealing with
6:42 am
john mclean and his son in russia. action ensues. the action is like 50 minutes of pure action and that what is make the movie worth seeing. the bad parts about it or the villain and the dialogue. what made the first die hard and the third die hard so classic were alan rickman and jeremy irons. classic villains that kept the movies afloat during the nonaction scenes. this does not have that. it is not the worst die hard. that was number two. not the best die hard either. i gave it a three out of five because the villains aren't that great but if you are a die hard fan, it is worth seeing in theaters eight years ago i started selecting movie ticket stubs and the first stub i ever collect was on june 3, 1995. it is die hard three. the ticket price was $3. >> that make me ill. >> i presented that stub to bruce willis and jeremy irons on the same weekend a couple of weeks ago and we'll have that interview coming up in the 8:00
6:43 am
a.m. hour. bruce willis was actually really surprised that i still had that. >> sure. >> i've been collecting those for 18 years. a locality of ticket stub. >> we have an interview. >> bruce willis in the 8:00 a.m. hour. three out of five for a good day to die hard. let's some of onto beautiful creatures. >> we have a teenaged boy falling in lot of with a witch or a caster. >> chains opportunity a bit. >> obviously, she will be claimed for the light or the dark regarding her powers and that becomes a huge part of their relationship. the movie itself, found myself love is the askle e am thompson was incredible. jeremy irons was incredible. but the pacing is what fell off in this movie. it felt like it was going to end about four or five different times and it kept going. felt like it should have been
6:44 am
about 20 minutes shorter. but the interesting thin is the director doe sided to use practical effects for i allot of the see qepss if you have aseen the trail are where they're spinning around the dining room, they are really spinning. the actors had to take like motion sickness medication during the shooting of the movie. very, very cool stuff. pacing is an issue. i gave the movie a three out of five. good mat 199. go see it early and then go to dinner on a date night. -- good matinee. >> this is the eighth adaptation of a nicholas sparks novel. this guy is a cash cow. it is insane. the notebook will always be the best. there is a girl who has a dark past. she shows up in north carolina, meets dosh dum he want l who is a widower. her dark past follows her there and action and drama ensue. it actually works better as a thriller than a romance.
6:45 am
romance takes a back seat in in movie. it deals with this thriller and that emotional element does work. i was going to give the movie a flee out of five. >> what happened? >> something happened but it completely changed my thought on the film. i walked out with a bad feeling. i won't tell you exactly what it is because i'm not wanting to you look out for it. wayent from a three to a two and a half out of five. if you are a big nicholas sparks fan, the best thing he has done since the notebook but the notebook is the best movie. i get a little teary-eyed when i watch that movie. that is a two and a half out of five. >> even though you gave it that, i want to know myself. i may still end up there. >> fur looking for romantic films, when harry met sally, annie hall, love actually or my favorite, true romance. >> thank you. happy valentine's day to you. >> and happy valentine's day to
6:46 am
you too. >> cool. tucker barnes. >> you got your valentine's day tie. >> i tried to remember that. >> it seems nobody el in here wore red except for you. you're some romantic. that's okay. >> i like to do what i can. we had the beautiful snowflakes overnight. >> i didn't see it. i was asleep. >> it was beautiful outside if a time last night. there are your snow totals. not huge but part of the area picking up close to anen. germantown up in montgomery county about an inch. ashburn, a half inch. picked up closey to half inch out at dulles. -- close to a half inch out at dulles. we are having issues with icy spots out on the rod ways. just be ready for it particularly in areas where we did pick up light accumulations last night. temperatures are the other factor. they've fallen become below 32. look at gaithersburg. 32degrees. 31 in baltimore. 32 the winning number out in the mountains out to the west. 29 in fredericksburg.
6:47 am
the bottom line, until the sun can warm up the foyer here a little bit, the temperatures will remain below freezing and we'll continue to have trouble with some slick spots. this is off to the north and east. you can see is it slipping there to the east of cape cod up near boston. that is how our storminess is racing out of here. sunshine today. as we get into tomorrow night, that little frontal system will dip down and archbishop is mostly cooler air but could also bring us a period of rain and/or snow showers late friday night an early saturday morning. that is our next chance for any precip around here. gorgeous day. mostly sunny skies. nice afternoon. 50 your day time high. later tonight, temperatures cool back into the 30s. winds out of the south at five to 10. there is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. temperatures tomorrow in the low to mid 50ás up ahead of that front and a big cooldown for the weekend. i know many of you have a three
6:48 am
day holiday weekend and monday looks good with temperature bouncing back into the upper 40s with sunshine. -- in the low to mid-50s up ahead of that front. >> tony perkins. >> i didn't wear red but i wore pink. is that good? >> that is good. >> don't worry. we totally didn't -- we forgot. although we sort of have the same color on. >> i've been focusing on my poem that i'm he writing. >> you know what it's time for, right? ask toby and tucker. wait a minute. the most popular segment in morning television. this is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. today's question comes from debbie tin? >> debbie t. >> in southeast d.c. >> she asks if there are lake
6:49 am
effect storms, why aren't there river effect or bay effect storms? you know who we are he going to go to for this? >> who? >> tucker barnes. >> and did you do any research. >> real far away. >> i can answer the question for debbie and it is a great question. of crse, many ar miliar with the lake effect snows we see come off the great lakes this time of year. what happens is you have very, very cold air temperatures going over relatively warm water temperatures and that water close to the surface, the water temperatures, the dry air can't hole that water so it lifts it up, creates these little mini ?rorms at the -- snowstorms at the edge of the lake. it does in fact happen with smaller bodies of water. not river width but in the case of the chesapeake bay, we do occasionally see bay effect snows. remember a couple of week ago we had that arctic airthat brok
6:50 am
we had high temperatures only in the 20s. remember that in late january? this is an actual satellite picture of what happened. winds have to be out of just the right direction. they have to be out of north for us to get this bay effect snow machine kicking in. you can see, if you look carefully, you see that sort of thick plume of clouds at the base of the chesapeake bay. that is bay effect snow. they reported snow down into portions of southern maryland and virginia on this day j society bay effect snow would be generally south of the bay? >> well, you need some fetch. you have to pick up some of the water and create it. it will be on the southern part of the chesapeake bay. this is a very rare occurrence. this only happens he have couple of years. i don't want to suggest it happens frequently. there is not enough space to create a bay effect snow west to east. you have to go north to south in the case of the chesapeake bay to see this somewhat infrequent occurrence. it can happen. the difference between the air temperature and the water
6:51 am
temperature in order to really enhance good bay effect and/or lake effect snow is about 40 degrees difference. that is pretty big. you got to have water temperatures in the 40s and 50s. >> conditions have to be just right. you hear about it more often with the great lakes because they are perfectly positioned for getting that arctic air coming down. >> and in the wintertime, well, not so much recently but in the not so recent past, the lake will freeze in the winter time and that shuts off the lake effect snow machine. >> thank you, siren it by, hope we got that for you. now, before we wrap this up, you remember was it two weeks ago -- >> i think it was last week. >> we sward question from a second grade class -- we answered a question from a second great class in virginia. we answered their question and they did see it and they september us a thank you video. we want to show that.
6:52 am
>> thank you, tony and tucker for answering our question. from the second grade. d grade. you rock! >> isn't that great in that is wonderful. thank you so much. that is very sweet of you to do. >> we love hearing from them. >> i think that is the first time we've ever gotten a thank you. >> or told that we rock. >> lovettsville elementary is in loudoun county. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. fantastic voyage. okay. >> we will take it. julie wright is tapping her toe over there. >> i love that. >> it is all about ride, ride, slipping and slide, put your car on the drive and go inside. >> old school.
6:53 am
there you go. >> and for the younger generation, it is coolio. southbound 29 remains blocked off at the beltway. no one is able to get by on this stretch of 29. there is also a portion of old georgetown road being treated at the beltway. the two right lanes are tied up there and 355 remains blocked off south of grosvenor to the beltway due to icy conditions. be very careful outside. anything that looks wet pretty much is slippery at this point and we've got a lot of accidents peppered around the area because of that. southbound on 270, the crash that started off this morning at montgomery village avenue is cleared but you are in big tie- ups leaving germantown headed out to the split. the outer loop remains slow from 59 to georgia. eastbound on 66 moving a bit better now. traffic slows fair oak to the beltway. let's continue with the maps. we do have problems to report
6:54 am
here on the east side of town. again, icy conditions plague the roadway here on snowbound i- 97. southbound lanes are open. you will find if you are traveling the top side again, below speed college park headed over towards 270-6789 southbound 29, the accident activity cleared but again, it remains blocked off to 29 between the beltway and franklin. icy conditions here continue to close 355 before you reach the beltway and don't forget about the five-car pile-up leaving d.c. outbond across the memorial bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. how would you like to become a rocket scientist for a day? >> fox 5's holly morris is discovering what it take with a free hands-on and fun-filled festival the entire family is sure to enjoy. she will have more details for us coming up next. "my son made me this coffee," "you should try it, it's delicious." ♪
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and some people found that a little bit strong. but as soon as they tasted blonde roast, boy they were on board. ♪ 2/14/13 good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. if you have a little one at home you are trying to teach how to make ideas into reality, then this saturday you want to be where we are this morning. we're live at
6:58 am
the national building museum. one of the beautiful buildings. everything to do with engineering. annual discover engineering family day. a chance for your kids to come out here and learn and see exactly what it is that engineers do and how they do it. how they solve our problems. how they make the world a better place for us to live like building lego robots. you can come out here, program your own lego robot. we're going to take a look at a blind driver simulator and talk about black engineers. as you were spreading the love, give a little love to the engineers in your life, they make a difference in your world. >> you are absolutely right. we're going to spread the love. >> all right, holly. thank you. >> let's say good morning to today's fan of the day.
6:59 am
it's mike. hope you are having a good day. you are fan of the day on valentine's day. >> that does it for the 6:00 hour. >> now over to allison and tony to start off the next journey throughout the morning on valentine's day. >> see you all later to talk about valentine's day. >> i got forms i'm working on. >> oh, boy. >> thank you. coming up now on fox 5 morning news, mistaken identity or murder? this is breaking news overnight. better known as at the time blade runner is behind bars this morning. we'll have a live report. >> a marriage in the skies takes flight. two u.s. airlines are about to combine. but could mean big changes for passengers right here in the nation's capitol. >> and later, in defense of the redskins. the team launches its first response to critics who want a

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